lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009


Acabo de terminar este tocho... y menudo coñazo! Me gustaba Kevin Smith, pero después de leer este libro no me puedo considerar fan suya.

Sinceramente, me da igual que a este hombre le despierten por la mañana sus perros, si va al baño o no, si le salen fisuras anales o si se acuesta viendo series de televisión.

"Sunday, 20 March 2005 @ 12:00 a.m.
Today's the seventh anniversary of the first time Jen and I ever kissed and fucked. And fucked. And fucked. And fucked. This day, more than any other, is proof positive that one excellent lay can change your whole life forever. Happy Anniversary, Babe. Now take those fucking pjs off and let's relive a fond memory. But, y'know - without the heavy chafing"

Lo único interesante, cuando habla de ciertas cosas relacionadas con el cine:

"The One Everybody Likes: Brokeback Mountain. This ain't the gay cowboy movie: it's the saddest flick I've seen all year. And I love sad flicks - particularly well-made/well-acted ones about people not living their lives the way they really want to. Heath Ledger didn't give a performance in this flick: his Ennis exists - that's how genius his non-performance was"

O cuando habla de la adicción de Jason Mewes en "Me and my shadow"... flipante!

"At this point, I sat Jason down and said 'You're doing more than snorting heroin from time to time, aren't you?'. After and hour of denial, Mewes finally copped to crossing the boundary he'd so long ago set for himself upon seeing how HIV-revaged his mother had become: he was shooting up"

Incluso con humor...

"'You memorized ALL the lines in the script?!?!'
'Even the girls parts'
'What're you, fucking Rain Man?! Why'd you memorize the whole goddamn script?!'
'I don't wanna piss off that Rickman dude'"

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