martes, 24 de enero de 2012


Compré este libro junto con el primero (sin haber leído nada) y me ha dado mucha pereza ponerme con él (¡encima en inglés!) después de la decepción que supuso para mí el primer tomo de la trilogía de Stieg Larsson. Sé que estos libros se han convertido en best sellers y que la gente los adora, pero yo me quedo con las películas, que son más cortas XD.

La segunda novela se centra más en la historia de ese gran personaje (para mí lo mejor) que es Lisbeth Salander. Pero será que ya sé como termina y la intriga no la veo por ningún lado. Además que los nombres complicados no me gustan nada...

Aún así supongo que me haré con la tercera parte porque los 3 libros juntos quedarán monos en la estantería XDDD.

"Another reason she was reluctant to return to Stockholm was the man Blomkvist. In Stockholm she would risk running into Kalle Bastard Blomkvist, and at the moment that was just about the last thing she wanted to do. He had hurt her. She acknowledged that this had not been his intention. He had behaved rather decently. It was her own fault that she had fallen "in love" with him. The very phrase was a contradiction when it came to Lisbeth Bloody Bitch Salander.

Blomkvist was known for being a ladies' man. At best she had been an amusing diversion, someone on whom he had taken pity at that moment when he needed her and there was no-one better available. But he had moved swiftly on to yet more amusing company. She cursed herself for lowering her guard and letting him into her life"

"He opened the folder and discovered a new document. It was named [To MikBlom], next to he document he had called [To Sally].

It was almost a physical shock to see the document on his computer. She's here. Salander has been in my computer. Maybe she's even connected right now. He double-clicked.

He was not sure what he had expected. A letter. An answer. A protestation of innocence. An explanation. Salander's replay was exasperatingly brief. The message consisted of one word, four letters. Zala.

Mikael stared at the name.

Svensson had mentioned Zala in his last phone calle, 2 hours before he was murdered.

What is she trying to say? Is Zala the link between Bjurman and Dag and Mia? How? Why? Who is he? And how did Salander know that? How is she involved?"

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