viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010


Me ha costado la vida terminarlo; entre el verano, que ya conocía el final, un vocabulario un poco complicadillo, más de 500 páginas... no veía el día de terminarlo.
Pero aprovechando el estreno del remake norteamericano, me he puesto las pilas porque se me acumulan más libros que quiero leer.

Es la novela en la que se basa la galardonada "Déjame entrar", peli sueca que me encantó. Y me sigue gustando más que el libro...

A favor: profundiza más en la historia de Eli (con una ¿sorpresa? importante); el personaje de Oskar no parece "tan tonto" y es más consciente de todo lo que pasa.

En contra: demasiadas descripciones; final un poco precipitado.

Conclusión: me quedo con el encanto de la peli.

"She was almost as tall as he was, but much thinner. The pink sweater fit tight across her chest, which was still completely flat without a hint of breasts. Her eyes were black, enormous in her pale little face. She held one hand up in the air in front of him as if she were warding something off that was coming towards her. Her fingers were long and slender as twigs.
‘I can’t be friends with you. Just so you know’"


"‘Oskar. Don’t let them do it. Do you hear me? Don’t let them’
‘... No’
‘You have to strike back. You’ve never done that, have you?’
‘So start now. Hit them back. Hard’
‘There’s 3 of them’
‘Then you have to hit harder. Use a weapon’
‘Stones, sticks. Hit them more than you really dare. Then they’ll stop’
‘And if they keep hitting back?’
‘You have a knife’
Oskar swallowed. At this moment, with Eli’s hand in his, with her face in front of him, everything seemed simple. But if they started doing worse things if he put up resistence, if they...
‘Yes, but what if they...’
‘Then I’ll help you’
‘You? But you are...’
‘I can do it, Oskar. That... is something I can do’"

"‘Oskar, do you like me?’
‘Yes. A lot’
‘If I turned out not to be a girl... would you still like me?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Just that. Would you still like me even if I wasn’t a girl?’
‘Yes... I guess so’"


"He didn’t want to see her any more. She was scary. What happened in the basement was –She showed her true face- there was something in her, something that was... Pure horror. Everything you were supposed to watch out for. Heights, fire, shards of glass, snakes. Everything that his mum tried so hard to keep him safe from"

"What really made him shiver was when he thought about the ‘Can I come in? Say that I can come in?’
That she had needed an invitation to come into his room, to his bed. And he had invited her in. A vampire. A being that lived off other people’s blood. Eli"

"'Can we die?'
'Of course we can. All you have to do is set fire to yourself. Or let other people do it; they are only too happy to oblige, have done so through the ages. Or...' She held out her index finger and pressed it hard into Eli's chest, above the heart. 'There. That's were it is, isn't it?'"

Let the right one in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go
They cannot do
What you want them to do

Morrissey, "Let the right one slip in"

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